Sunday, July 15, 2018

Shower Facilities

Working in the forest is hot, sweaty, dirty work.  Chainsaws and wood chippers will do that to you.  After a hot day working in the forest a nice shower is greatly appreciated. So, the wife and I took some time away from working in the forest to build an outdoor show.  The shower is near the outhouse, so I guess you could say we now have a full bath!  Here's a few pics of us building the shower.  It's been greatly appreciated.

The shower is only screened on one side.  You get to enjoy nature while getting clean.

We don't have running water or septic.  All of our water is hauled in five gallon buckets.  We fill a 20 gallon trash can (look in the lower right of the photo) and then keep a couple of five gallon buckets for reserve.  If the trash can runs out of water mid shower, we use the reserve to finish up.  It's happened.

A sump pump moves the water from the trash can through a propane water heater which feeds the shower head.  There's a switch on the center log, next to the shower curtain that will turn the sump pump on and off.  So far, it's been really nice taking a nice cool shower after a hard day's work in this mid-summer Texas heat.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Setting the Billy Goat loose

Yep, that's my wife, mowing the easement road with Billy.  See a goat really will help keep the vegetation down.