Sunday, November 3, 2019

Pig Disturbance

A couple of weeks ago, we setup a game camera near the sawmill. We have seen a lot of wild pig sign in the area and I was hoping to catch them on the game cam. I'd like to see how many, how big, etc. Here's some examples of the kinds of things we see from the wild pigs.

As you can see, they create a lot of disturbance in the forest. I'm not sure what they are looking for, but I'm not opposed to these guys turning the compost!

The first picture is of an area that Brenda and I discharged the wood chips from our wood chipper. It is a low laying area that is often wet and muddy. We put the wood chips there to start building up the area. We put these wood chips down back in late September, so they haven’t been down very long.

The second picture is an area that is very near the first. It is also a low laying area and subject to ponding. We haven’t put any wood chips there recently, but I did spread some there about six to eight months ago.

I’m getting the impression that wild pigs really like turning up mulched wood chips. So far, I don't mind the pig's disturbance. It seems to me that it might be beneficial to the forest. Now if it was my garden or pasture, I'd be pretty upset with the pigs.

Now for the game camera. Nope we didn't see any pigs, but I still like what I see.

One of our goals is to improve our forest to make it friendly for deer. Maybe we are getting it right.