Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A week in the woods

Thankfully, the weather cleared up and it was a beautiful week for working in our woods.  Brenda and I spent Monday (3/12) to Friday (3/16) at Turkey Creek Timber. We got a lot done, but there is a whole lot that we still need to do.

We've decided to abandon our worst wood's road. It's that main road that takes us across Turkey Creek and to the "other side".  Unfortunately, the erosion is just too extensive.  It will take a huge amount of work to "fix" the trail and quite a bit of money.

 We've decided to cut a new road that is parallel to the abandoned road. We will pile up the slash from the new road onto the abandoned road to help stop and hopefully reverse the erosion.

You can see from the image to the left that some brush that was left on the road a while back has help to catch and retain dirt that eroded from a water bar that I built. We're hoping to help that process.

We put logs into the deep erosion cuts and piled up branches on top. We also chipped up a lot of the branches and the wood chips were added on top of the logs.

What we want to happen is for the piled up branches to catch the leaves  and to help create a dam that will slow up and even pond the runoff water. This will help let the eroded soil from further up the trail to settle out and fill in the deep cuts that have formed in the road.