Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Normal.  The alarm goes off.  You grope in the darkness to turn it off.  Another day in another year.  Feel your way to the bathroom.  Wash that face.  Brush the teeth.  Put on your uniform.  Pack some food. Kiss your spouse.  Out the door in under 20 minutes.  You smile.  Yeah, today you're going to beat that traffic snarl.  It's life, when you're "normal".

What if, you could change normal to astounding.  Would it become your "normal" one day?  Imagine waking up in darkness and turning to look up at the moon.  You smile, and snuggle further into your comforter dreaming about what adventure you will have today.  When nature calls, you put on your slippers and headlamp.  Into the woods you go to relieve yourself.  Everything is black and silent, except the window of light coming from your beam.

Today, you'll work at returning the forest to the state it used to be hundreds of years ago - a piney woods savannah.  As you work, you encounter a variety of plant and insect life and you ponder - is this native to the forest or is it invasive?  Is this edible?  Is this harmless? Medicinal? Poisonous?  The colors and smells surprise you.  The experience leaves you richer, more satisfied.

You ask yourself, will this one day become my normal. this life full of unexpected wonders?