Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pulling Up Underbrush Trees

BG-08 Brush Grubber
BG-08 Brush Grubber
In January 2015, just after I purchased our tractor, I purchased a BG-08 Brush Grubber from Amazon.  Here’s a link: BG-08.  I paid about $80 back in 2015, today it is selling for $68. 

The purpose of the grubber is to pull up small trees.  We decided to pull up as much of the underbrush as we could. The most prolific problem tree is the Yaupon Holly. Yaupon Holly spreads by sending out shoots from its roots and it will regrow from the stump, so we want to get rid of the roots.  Therefore, we pull the tree up, roots and all.  My little Kubota tractor and the tree grubber do a great job.

I thought I’d show you a little video of me pulling up a small 4” diameter tree.  While not a Yaupon, this tree had to go, because it is in the way of a large dead oak that needs to come down.  The dead oak will be overhanging our outhouse.  I’d hate for it to come down and destroy our outhouse and who ever might be in it.  You can see the trunk of the oak tree to the right and behind the tree I’m pulling up.

Normally, I would leave the dead tree. They make a great resource for wildlife. We have seen the endangered Red-cockaded Wood Pecker getting an evening meal from this old tree.  For safety reasons, the tree must go.